Thank You!

During my 4107km drive from New Brunswick to Saskatchewan I had a good amount of time to think and reflect on the past five years.  So in really no particular order here are some of my reflections and thoughts that occurred to me on my drive that I wanted to share.

First, how thankful I am to everyone who I met and interacted with. I have nothing but positives to say of my time with Athletics New Brunswick, the University of New Brunswick, and the Saint John Track Club. Throw in additional involvement with Coach New Brunswick and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic as well as dozens of other coaches, organizations, and amazing people and I just can’t convey my message of thanks enough. It definitely isn’t “good bye” but a “see you later” but again, thanks. 

Second, my thanks to the athletes and coaches that I interacted with. For some I was a personal coach or a head coach, and to others just a coach in the region that always wanted to see them raise their level of performance and pursue excellence in the daily training environment. For those who I got to work with your confidence and trust in me was always so appreciated. We achieved some amazing things together and I am very proud of the achievements by all.

Third, my lack of closure. I am not sure if this ever occurs. No matter the athletes, teams, programs, roles, and events I don’t think I will ever come out feeling like all was accomplished. Just as the perfect performance isn’t possible I don’t think I will ever be able to fully say that I and all those above achieved everything. I think there will always be a feeling of greater possibility. Always be more left on the table. And always feel that more can be accomplished. However, that leads into appreciation and being thankful for all that was achieved, accomplished, and all that transpired along the way. I was blessed to work with such amazing people and have the support to pursue all of our goals in a committed and collaborative manner. I definitely don’t feel like I achieved all that I wanted, point being I probably never could, but I am very proud of what was accomplished. 

Lastly, it was reconfirmed how important relationships and communication are in life. I cried a lot on my last evening in Saint John. I can be very emotional and nothing brings this out more than when I think about the people, the relationships, and the role that I play in the lives of many (and the role they played in mine) within my role as a coach. While many people thanked me and expressed their gratitude I tried to express the same to them. Their counter role in the relationship is what made us all successful. Their support to the programs. Their belief and confidence in me. Their confidence in the program goals and all personnel involved is what made it all work. My success and ability to move towards a new position within the coaching profession is as much their success as it is mine and my mentors and supporters. In between tears I tried to share that I am not sure where and what I will continue to accomplish in my life but everyone in my life – past, present, and future – has and will play a role and should share in my success.

I’ll leave it there and again say thanks. It was a pleasure and an honour to work for and with such amazing organizations and people and I look forward to bringing that with me to the latest role at the University of Saskatchewan. I apologize for the poor writing this was a quicker posting and as always if this results in my some further discussion don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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