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As my first year as a grad student in the UBC High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program is nearly completed (only one last presentation at the end of June remaining) I can honestly say that this year has been the most important to my coaching development. Maybe it was all the courses. Maybe it was the integration within my current coaching context.  But probably it was because I have gained just enough wisdom over the years to know that I don’t know all that much but also just enough to be able to complete the course requirements.  Now, I do have some regrets in that I wish I was this focused, committed to doing the work, and open to learning during my undergrad. Let’s just say my marks were significantly lower than what they are now.  Therefore I am very proud of my marks this year and its just a shame that all my post-secondary academics don’t reflect this quality of work, haha.  I’ll just call myself a late bloomer.

But in the spirit of sharing I have decided to post some images from two projects that I am the most proud this year.  I will say it is 5% pride and 95% hoping that someone likes the images and gets some benefit from it.  Perhaps it will stir up some dialogue and a coach may reach out to me to discuss, share ideas on how to improve them, and continue to build all of our knowledge. I will not take sole credit for these images either. As I didn’t complete any specific or innovative research this year they are merely amalgamations from various sources…I promise they were referenced correctly in APA format when I submitted them 🙂

These first two shots are visual representation of the Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development stages and Athletics Canada’s specific Long Term Athlete Development stages incorporating key information related to the stages as well as the excellence stages (i.e. when performance becomes the focus for some). I found that this infographic and additional information really helped visualize and see the athlete development pathway within the sport.

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These next six images are taken from my Gold Medal Profile project. This project was specific to the women’s 400m hurdles and honestly was the most demanding but the most rewarding of all the projects this year. Doing this was a ton of work but I understand elite athlete development and the requirements for podium finishes at the elite level so much better than before – still not perfectly but much better.  However, it isn’t a perfect GMP either and I have already identified a few areas where I could adapt.  I have to state though that I reached out to upwards of fifty coaches from across the globe to gain insight on what they felt were determinants of gold medal potential across various events.  I gained so much and have to thank all of them for taking the time to talk with me on the phone and/or responding to my emails and Facebook messages.  Thank you!  I am very thankful for all of the friends, colleagues, and supportive individuals that I can call upon to share knowledge and help guide me as I continue to learn and develop as a coach.










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Also if you are reading this you are either bored, family or friend, or some sort of athletics or sport coach. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post.  I know I have posted previously on blogs and podcasts but recently The HMMR Media Podcast hosted by Martin Bingisser (@bingisser) and Nick Garcia (@nick_g_garcia) has been awesome. They have had some great guests and continue to keep it on point. They are one of my favourite podcasts as it is  quite specific to athletics, coaching, mentorship, knowledge sharing, and other topics that you can understand are right up my ally. Additionally, The GAINcast with Vern Gabetta (@coachgambetta) and Martin Bingisser has been equally positive and insightful.  Lastly, a plug for Stuart McMillan (@fingermash on instagram) as he has been posting extremely interesting, deep, and reflection causing posts on a wide range of topics – keep it up!

While I doubt any of them will see this I’ll just say that it is useful, it is appreciated, and it is something that young, developing coaches such as myself really appreciate and benefit from!  So keep it up guys and thanks!

Next week I am off to Halifax for the 3rd ANB Coach Mentorship Camp. This will be the first one out of province but promises to be a great learning experience for all the coaches involved. Best part about being the organizer is that I also get to attend and learn from the our mentor coach, Rich Lehman. The guy is a great endurance coach, colleague, supporter of coach education, friend, and has already shared so much with the coaches. This is exactly what I envisioned when I start this program and I am very excited at what the ANB coaches will bring back with them.  I wonder what 2017 Coach Camp will entail?

Cheers and keep on sharing knowledge!

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