Weekend Off….Level Up!

It has been too long since my last post and I have definitely felt the desire to get some thoughts down but something has just always been in the way, physically and/or mentally.

Podcasts…..I listen to a few podcasts.  The House of Run is my favourite as it isn’t about coaching but more just water cooler track talk. It’s usually light and fun but every once in a while Kevin and Jason (and maybe a guest) definitely provide some amazing insight that gets me thinking.  But the majority of the podcasts that I listen to are coaching related and more practical (list at the bottom of this post).  However, as Steve Magness said in his Magness & Marcus podcast most of the time when I listen it is done passively.  I am in the office responding to emails, working on logistic stuff, or crunching some numbers related to school or work and I just listen.  I refer to it as osmosis learning in that sometimes things will permeate through but most of the time it just keeps me going and feel like I accomplishing more than I actually am.

Books….for the past 3 years I have been trying to read more. I just finished my 12th book of 2016. I was trying to think if I am on course of 52 books but when I take a look at my list of books in the cue I know that some heavy ones are coming up and the rate of completion will probably decrease.

School…since August I have been part of a graduate program at the University of British Columbia.  This first year is flying by and last night I recorded a presentation on my integrated training plan focusing on my yearly training plan.  Overall I was very pleased with how it turned out (will have to wait and see if the grade is as reflective). However, during the process of putting it together along with a few other school projects I am reflecting on my daily coaching and without a doubt becoming a better coach.  Stressful….yes.  Hard…yes.  Making me realize how much of a dumbo I was during my undergrad…..stupid Jason.  But at the same time I realize that my undergrad has helped me out immensely.  My understanding and beliefs as a coach/person have been built layer upon layer of what I have experienced.  On this last note I am nervous about the 2nd year of school (6 classes to 4 presently) but my ego says that I can do it but I’ll still focus on finishing this first year and the graduate certificate portion first then attack year two when it is time.

But back to my knowledge base.  My upbringing in the Reindl home in Saskatoon was an amazing foundation. I would actually state that I probably couldn’t have had a better upbringing in relation to my current profession but at the same time that might make my present level seem like I am under succeeding….darn can’t win that statement 🙂 But getting the chance to hear stories, discussions, and chats that my parents were involved in or a part of was almost too good to be true.  I think back to my dad’s role as invitational athlete director for the Knights of Columbus Indoor Games and having the chance as a 10 year old to chat on the phone, meet, and chat with Olympic Champions and their coaches gave me an understanding that is worth so much and throw in his still active role at at the Saskatchewan Athletics (provincial sport organization-PSO) and now my employment with a PSO (Athletics New Brunswick) and it is huge. However,  seeing my mother develop amazing relationships with her athletes that truly made the athlete development process so beneficial and how much she gave of her heart and sole to them has impacted me also and why I feel that my athletes are a part of my family.  I can say that most if not all of my mom’s athletes were definitely a part of the Reindl family…one of those individuals is now some of my closest coaching colleagues/friends. Funny how things work out.  I could probably and may one day write a book about coaching (maybe…maybe not) but I would probably have to start by filling hundreds of pages on just their influences on me…maybe I should call it “How my parents coached me”…..does have nice ring to it. The point is that I can’t thank them enough for all that they did, did that they didn’t realize I was learning from them at the time, and continue to do.

But back to the main point and title of the post…Level Up!  I am a nerd and used to play video games with my brother (Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, Playstation 2 – Kyle’s, Xbox – mine) but haven’t touched a game for a few years now outside of Deal or No Deal at the movie theatre and the concept of gaining experience points that then resulted in a level up has resonated with me right now. I don’t want to sound cocky but I feel that my coaching has levelled up today. I am probably at level 9 with 90 more levels to go but the point that I was hoping to make is that it’s all about experiences.  Everything listed above and everything not listed adds up and maybe my reading could be more beneficial if I went slower or if the podcasts were listed to in a more conscious/ active state of mind I would absorb more but that isn’t my reality right now and would probably just frustrate me and decrease my passion for gaining experience points.  The point is that it’s a process. Just as some levels are spent exploring gives, finding chests of gold, and fighting zombies for points the same could be said for coaching. It’s a process….school, degree’s, pieces of paper, books, websites, podcasts, conference, mentorships, etc, etc are all just experiences that are additive.  I guess in the end it comes to a variety of experiences, learning sources, and being able to make connections and I feel that things are moving in the right direction.

Next week is the always exciting conference championships for the university program.  Preparations have been going great. Athletes are happy and healthy and feeling confident.  A few more light workouts this week to finalize preparations, prime the system, and then I get to sit back, give high fives, and let them bring out the magic.  However, it also means my voice is probably going to be gone and I will gain a few more grey hairs.  A small price to pay for two of the funnest days of the year.

Until next time!




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