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This summer, 2015, I have been reading at a ferocious pace. Having come to some personal realizations through in-depth reflection that I needed to expand my knowledge base and read. I have been reading anything and everything. Normal websites, journals, blogs, but then also books. The last couple of books have been Running Science by Owen Anderson, The Klingon Art of War by Ketih DeCandido, Sports Coaching by John Lyle and Chris Cushion, Anti Fragile by Nassim Taleb, and Leave No Doubt by Mike Babcock.


Leave No Doubt – Mike Babcock


Sports Coaching – John Lyle and Chris Cushion








Routinely I will jot down notes and come up with a few key phrases or thoughts. Put them in the notes section of my computer. Maybe compile them into a document save it away into my “knowledge” folder. I find that this reflection of the material is the important part. Back in the day I didn’t like to read. I didn’t like the material. I hated the fact that it was forced upon me with no choice. No after a few years and some wisdom I can say that I thoroughly enjoy it.

However, the most recent impact that all this reading has been having on me is in regards to my coaching philosophy. I have created a few coaching philosophies over the years. As a young coach it is one of the things that is required of you in certain courses. However, at the time it looked nice, sounded good, but I always felt that it was missing something. Maybe it was coaching experience. Developing my skill set. Refining what is important to me as a coach. As I started to put down notes and thoughts leading my latest attempt I can’t help but see it as an athlete philosophy. As this occurs more and more I wondered if this a common them amongst coaches. Is your coaching philosophy only for you or is it also a document that goes in partnership with an athlete philosophy? Is this statement if correct a negative, a positive, or just simply a reflection of how similar coaches and athletes are? Is it something that occurs because the process of coaching is directly linked to the athlete process? Or is it simply because I was once an athlete and just as I set goals then I continue to set goals now and by vary nature am a competitive person? Would the coaches philosophy then need to fit and be reflective of the variety of individual variations in the athletes philosophy.

Coaching Philosophy
5 P’s Purpose + Planning + Preparation + Principles = Performance


This new philosophy (if it can be called that) might only be applied to the 5 P’s but then the 8 principles allow far more of my personal ideals and values come to the forefront. I feel confident in that the simplicity of the single words can then be developed, expanded, and unique to the variety of situations that this philosophy could apply to. For instance on the principle of honour. It could mean honouring the sport, the history, your team, training partners, school, country, province, city, the event. If you honour all of those items that would mean not taking performance enhancing substances. It would mean respecting your opponents and that is for me as a coach but you can see how this could be part of an athletes philosophy also. The respect that I have for my fellow coaches and the athletes that they work with is immense. It is because of them that I know I have to improve my skill set as a coach. This honour also becomes a part of all the other principles/values. But this honour then leads into my educating of my athletes. My teaching of them to learn that they need to run through the line. That they need to be always in a position where will not bring disrespect to those who they are representing.

However, this is still just a snap shot of what this philosophy means to me. If you are reading this (thanks) but if you feel that I am way off base I would encourage you to reach out to me and help me out. Explain, educate, and help me develop areas that are missing or not developed enough. That is why I have this blog. Reflection and personal development.

But what else has been going on….

  • Heading back to school (UBC) where I am going to start my pursuit of a graduate certificate in high performance coaching and technical leadership, which then leads into the advanced coaches diploma, and then into a masters in coaching degree. Correspondence based for the most part so while a few trips to Vancouver will happen I am still living and coaching in Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • The season is winding down with a trip to National Youth Champs 7-9 wrapping up this 2015 outdoor season. Then it is all about reflection, debriefs, and planning the ever approaching 2015 fall preparation season.
  • Lots of continued personal bests for the athletes I have the pleasure of working with which have included a few provincial records this outdoor season.
  • Held my annual coaching mentorship program in Saint John where I got to interact, lead, and learn from 4 top notch coaches in NB.
  • Also got to spend time with my nephew (Kruz) and niece (Brielle) after nationals in Edmonton for a short couple of days.  I definitely don’t get to see them often enough so when I can it means the world to Uncle Jason.



Piggy Back #1 with Kruz


Piggy Back #2 with Brielle









Roller Coaster with my brother (Kyle)



A few minutes of coaching which is rare when I am hosting in Saint John.


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