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So before I left for Phoenix I set a goal of blogging once while down there and then quickly once I got back.  Needless to say that neither of those two things happened.

But now that things have slowed down here is what I can say.  It was an awesome week.  The Apprentice Coach program at the World Athletics Center is second to none.  It is definitely what you make of it and offers a much more hands on learning opportunity then most.  Coaches Pfaff, McMillan, and Behm are some of the best in the business and being able to see them in action on the track and on the tables was great.  There is just the right blend of track side learning along with the right amount of discussion based learning.  It should be noted though that our discussion based learning was fairly informal around the pool 🙂

One of the best parts though was that a number of Korean national team members were in attendance.  Given my love for the country that I lived in for almost four years it was great to see them in action, chat in Korean, and talk about the things that I miss, such as Korean food!  They had spent some serious time in Phoenix in preparations for their season which has a major focus of the Asian Games to be held in Incheon, Korea in September this year. They were headed back to Korea at the end of our week so I was quite lucky to have my schedule overlap with theirs.  I am quite certain that I will be heading back in November this year for a wedding so maybe I can meet up with some of them for lunch or dinner.

In the end it was an awesome week.  Staying with Dana and Tyler (speed and power coaches with the Canadian women’s Rugby 7’s program) was loads of fun and our discussions were also very insightful. Coming back to SJ was hard mostly because of the 30 degree drop in temperature but being on the track with my group has been good.  The coaching battery has been recharged, new books have been ordered, and a lot of my thoughts and ideas have been confirmed.  Are they all perfect – absolutely not – but coaching and learning are processes that never end.  So I continue to coach, study, learn, refine, adapt, change, and the cycle continues.

Korean National Team athletes and myself


110m Hurdles 2012 Olympic Champion and World Record Holder 12.80s Aries Merritt and his coach Andreas Behm.



Group warm up on 1st day

Rodeo with Tyler and Dana

Rodeo with Tyler and Dana

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